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Happy Canada Day!

July 7, 2011

We had a fantastic Canada day here, and while you’d think since I’ve lived in Ottawa all my life that I was one of the 300,000 people who went downtown to mingle with The Royals, but I so wasn’t.  I actually have never been downtown on Canada day because I hate crowds, and the boisterous nature while towing two little ones scares me a little bit.  Once they are older, I’ve promised S. Geek that we can take our bikes and go downtown but until that happens I’m very happy to sit in my backyard and drink and swim and celebrate my national pride without the anxiety.

Now, that’s not to say that we didn’t have a very fine celebration here though.  There was swimming and barbeque steaks and drinks and lots and lots of fireworks.

S. Geek and my bro, Uncle Got put on a fantastic display for us and many of our neighbours took turns with us setting light to the night sky.  We even decided this year to let Cake and Nay stay up to watch and let’s just say they were thrilled and it was totally worth the extra crankies the next day.

After a bit of consulting with my photog father, we decided the best way to shoot the fireworks and after a bit of trial and error I think I got some tremendous shots.  I set my camera to manual, and then used the bulb setting with an F-Stop of 5.6.  My first couple of shots were pretty overexposed since I wasn’t too sure how long to hold open the shutter but I quickly got the hang of it.

one of the overexposed shots, I think this one was about 8 seconds.

One of my favourites, that's Uncle Got and S. Geek in the middle admiring their timed explosions. Only wish I had a wider lens so that I could have captured more of the reflection in the pool water.

Another favourite, about a three second exposure.


This this is exactly where I was when I crashed my laptop.  Therefore this is as far as it goes for fireworks photos even though I have some more totally awesome shots of some of those swirly ones that you set off on the ground.  Laptop still not fixed but S. Geek is working hard on it.


Anywho, I wanted to say that the biggest factor in getting some quality shots of fireworks was using my tripod.  Back in the day, it was one of my first big investments after the camera of course.  I still only use a regular lens, and though I lust after a wide angle I know that with a bit of skill and planning you can still capture some really amazing shots.  Without a tripod though?  Yeah, not going to happen.  There would have been way to much motion, even on some shots the motion from pressing and releasing the shutter button was enough to ruin the shot.  I do have a remote but was too lazy to go and get it out of my camera bag.  I know that fireworks are a load of cash, especially when you consider that all you’re doing is blowing them up, but we had a really great time and everyone said that they couldn’t wait until next year.  Including me!




ps pray to the laptop gods that my friend here gets better soon!

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  1. July 7, 2011 3:37 pm

    Glad you had a great Canada Day celebration. Love the last photo the best!

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