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Well Articulated Wednesday

July 20, 2011

*Before I begin, just want to take a minute to with my FIL, Brian a very happy birthday!*


My plan was to get out with my camera this afternoon to get pictures of my hydrangea’s, water sparkling in the sun, heat waves coming off the bricks and other tell tale signs of summer.  I had adorable baby clothing hanging on my wash line getting sunned and ready for consignment, baby clothing on clotheslines are adorable.  However, I had one of those moments when we were outside today.  One of those moments where the kids were just being happy little kids and I didn’t want to witness it through the eye of my camera, I wanted to look with my own eyes teeeheheheheheee Darth Vader so that I would actually remember.

My kids are growing up too fast for me, I’ve got a horrible memory and I’m afraid that one day I’m going to look back and not remember any of these amazing moments.  So, I stopped and I watched and I participated.  I jumped through sprinklers with Nay in my arms and held hands with Cake and ran through countless times.  We took different objects from around the yard and house and put them in the stream of water to listen to the sounds.  Shovels were neat, umbrellas were better.  Toes were ticklish, foreheads resulted in water in your eyes.

We had the sprinkler as tall as it would go at first so that I could at least get some water into my vegetable garden, but after several jumps the kids preferred it to be just about a foot above their heads.  Cake was easily won over by the water play, she squealed and laughed and called out with ‘c’mon Nay!  It’s SO fun!’ every couple of minutes.  Nay was not as eager.  He ran away at first, not as much of a fish as his big sister.  I eventually convinced him that I would go through with him in my arms, I think he was amused by my involvement in their play.  During our free play times I’m often quite handsoff.  I want them to imagine and create their own scenarios to act out and while they never disappoint, sometimes Nay needs a bit of hand holding to get him off on the right path.

We spent time picking red currants, and I had each of the kids taste a couple that had not been cooked yet.  Both of them spit it out, much to my amusement.  If you’ve never tasted a red currant before they are very bitter.  Very.  We picked our way through our raspberry patch and the kids picked every one that was even remotely red and ate it.  Each time asking if they could put it in their mouths then grinning and smiling greedily as they shoved the sweet berry in their mouths.

They picked up broken branches from the ground that had fallen out of our neighbours trees during the windstorm the other night.  They liked the ones with leaves still attached and pretended to sweep grass.  Nay likes to line things up right now, so he collected sticks to put all in a row like little toy soldiers.  When I told him this he looked at me quizzically and asked what a toy soldier was, the only reference I could think of was the army men from his Toy Story set.  He was satisfied with this answer, but Cake informed me they were army men and not soldiers.  Same thing, I replied.

A huge butterfly landed right on Cake’s leg.  At first she was scared and wanted to kick it off because it was mostly brown, but I held her hands and told her it was a pretty butterfly and then she started getting excited and jumped causing the butterfly to fly away.  Cake jumps when she’s excited, this is highly entertaining.  She quite literally jumps with joy.

After nearly two hours out in the sun, I realized that I was the only one not wearing waterproof sunscreen and that we should probably head inside.  I’ve got some nice red shoulders now, but it will fade by tomorrow morning and I’ll go back to being day-glow white.  And just like that our magic time was done, I don’t regret not pulling out my camera because now I get to keep these precious memories locked up in my head.



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