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Highlights Magazine Craft

July 21, 2011

I’ve been waiting and waiting to get this craft done with Cake.  Waiting for the stars to align when Nay would be down for a good nap and when I’d have enough time to supervise Cake relatively closely for this.  In fact, I waited so long that our next issue of Highlights magazine already arrived in the mail!  Oops!  Haha!  She had forgotten about it entirely but I had the pot sitting on top of my china cabinet which needed to be moved every week to be dusted, so I didn’t forget.

We used mod podge, a paint brush, a clay pot and bowl, and I cut out bits of fabric using my thinning shears.  She selected her fabric from my remnants basket and I cut them into squares and rectangles.  Beyond that though, I let her take the wheel and do whatever she wanted.  I was nearby in the kitchen to remind her to smooth out the pieces and not to scrunch them up and of course to replenish the mod podge which I had poured into a paper plate.

She had an easy time with the paint brush smoothing on the glue, but was a bit annoyed with how sticky her hands were getting.  There were several breaks to go and wash hands in the bathroom.

Once the pot was completely covered, I went over it and smoothed and tucked some of the loose pieces.  I told her at the beginning that if she wanted to plant a flower in it she could do the outside but if she wanted it for a decoration she could do both the inside and out.  She, surprisingly chose to do both so that she could put them in her bedroom.

After the pieces were mostly dry, we went over the entire surface with sparkle mod podge.  She gasped when she saw it, sparkles make everything pretty.  I kind of have to agree with her there!

So the finished project is more than adorable and I think this may be one of those crafts that I’ll actually hold onto.  I used a sharpie and wrote her name and the date on the bottom, for posterity.  The pot holds her eye glasses containers and the bowl currently holds her vast collection of play necklaces and rings.  The girl loves her bling!  I do have another pot for Nay and I to do together but I’m saving it for when Cake starts school in a few weeks boohoohoo and we can do it together one morning.  Sigh.



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