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July 28, 2011

I promised my Dad a bag.  At Christmas.  Seven months ago Christmas.  Then I decided it would be for his birthday in April.  Then I decided that it would be for father’s day.

Happy belated birthday/father’s day.

Look! It's a bag!


It was a really advanced pattern for me.  I’ve never made something that had so many components, it has three zippers for crying out loud!!!  Do you see that I used THREE whole exclamation points on that?!?  Oh, yeah that’s how crazy that is!


I’m not even going to admit how many hours it took me to figure out the pattern, or how many pieces I cut wrong the first time around.  Or how I got to the end of the pattern and I still had two rough edges that hadn’t been finished and I still don’t know when I was supposed to do them.  Oh…wait.

For someone who usually just kind of makes it up as I go, following the instructions really made me use my brain.  I am excited to make some simple curtains for S. Geek next.  Simple flat panels with hems and no pattern.  All I have to do is measure the window and cut in straight lines.

All the complaining aside, it is a pretty cool bag.  It fits my HUGE laptop in it and could fit a camera body and lens kits.  It’s got lots of pockets and gadget sleeves.  The pattern by the way is Amy Butlers High Street Messenger Bag.  I followed it pretty closely I think.  But as I said above, I’m sure I made mistakes.  Sadly I couldn’t find a single tutorial for this bag on the net.  Lots of completed bags but no youtube videos or anything.  I thought that was weird.  The only criticism I had was I wish they told you which orientation the rectangles needed to go before I sewed them into place.   Just call me the stitch ripper.

I also made the bag out of outdoor fabric rather than home decor weight.  I did this for two reasons.  Firstly, outdoor fabric can be wiped down and easily cleaned.  Secondly, the outdoor fabric was on sale and the home decor weight wasn’t.  I bought lots of extra too, almost double since I knew that it was likely that I’d make mistakes.  I’m glad I did, I almost used all of the black fabric I used replacing pieces I cut wrong the first go around.

I think that I’d like to make another one of these again.  Just not any time soon, maybe I’ll do one after all my Christmas sewing is done.

Hope you like your bag Dad, and if I ever see you without this bag I’m going to be very unimpressed.  JK!



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  1. Jake permalink
    July 28, 2011 5:59 pm

    Jennifer, I love you! And i love the BAG!!!!
    Love Always — Dad

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