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Not Much of Consequence

August 3, 2011

I have nothing but tidbits right now.  It was a long weekend and we were crazy busy and the next three weeks are looking to be more of the same.


I cracked my head today.  Totally my fault, I wasn’t paying attention to what I was doing and I closed the trunk to my mini van and hit myself just on my hairline.  Sadly, these types of things happen to me often enough that when they do happen I am just mad at myself for not learning the lesson the first or second or third or fourth etc go around.  See, the thing is that I was distracted because I was angry at a consignment store.  I finally got my act together and took some of the mountain of kids clothing growing in my basement and washed it, line dried it, and folded it all nice and neat to sell away to some deserving mother.  Well apparently *read in hoity toity voice* line drying is not allowed because it GASP leaves a clothes pin mark on the bottom of the cuff and we all know that little indents in a pair of jeans makes them unwearable.  Oh…wait…actually those little indents disappear when you put the clothes on and oh, hey I’ve been line drying for five years and I DARE you to try and find the marks on the clothing I’m wearing right now.  I refuse to rewash and put clothing in a dryer just so that some uptight non eco conscious store clerks will do me the honour of reselling my baby gap jeans for $6.  Um, thanks but NO.


That tidbit was longer than I intended it to be.


We’re also one step closer to finishing our bathroom renovation.  It’s been five years since we stopped using our ensuite and boy oh boy am I looking forward to it being finished and not having to leave my bedroom to use the bathroom in the middle of the night.  S. Geek is going to install the toilet, and we have to hire someone to tape the drywall, and then I need to decide on a light fixture and mirror and ok, well we also need to put up tile and paint.  But it’s a lot closer than it was a few months ago and this makes me happy.


I’ve started planning a party for Nay.  He’s turning three, I asked him not to but he told me that he wanted McQueen to come to his party.  I guess I’ll have to let it happen.  He’s going to preschool in a month.  This is killing me.  My daughter is going to kindergarten in a month, this doesn’t seem real yet.  Even though I had to scour the city of Watertown to find uniforms for her it’s not quite there yet for me.  Probably won’t until I see her driving away on a school bus without me.  I may be crying…someone is chopping onions near me I swear it!!


Speaking of Nay growing up.  He’s still potty training.  He usually has one accident a day.  This is good.  However, where he chooses to have accidents is not so good.  He peed on my couch, this made me very very angry because it’s not like I can just sop it up and move on with my life.  I’ve tried oxi clean and baking soda and both cleaned the surface but the smell remained.  I’ve got vinegar and water sprinkled with baking soda drying on there right now.  In case you’re curious he’s also had several accidents in the pool, which is actually easier to clean than the couch.


I’ve been doing some more sewing recently too, of course there’s the bag I did.  Today I made S. Geek a huge cushy pillow for outside in the hammock.  Tomorrow if the kids will allow me, I’m going to get started on a set of curtains for S. Geeks office.  I bought some black flat sheets at Target in Watertown and I think that it’s going to fit his office window perfectly.  Of course I’m going to geek it up a bit so be sure to stay tuned for that…


OK, my head is throbbing right now and I’m sitting beside my pee-water-vinegar-baking soda covered couch and it’s sort of making my eyes water so I’m going to get out of here now.




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