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A Little Unscheduled Hiatus

October 12, 2011

A whole month and a half has gone by since I’ve had the drive to write anything more than overly emotional dribblings in my personal journal. I’m feeling kind of rusty, so please excuse my lack of finesse for the time being. I’ve thought about what I wanted to write, and I thought that maybe I’d talk about how hard it was for me to send Cake off to kindergarten but decided against it since I have almost sort of come to terms with it. I thought maybe I’d update you on all the goings on that have consumed me for the last 6-odd weeks but really you probably don’t want to hear about my potty training battles, my new haircut, but maybe about how I’ve managed to lose myself in the to-do’s of real life?

A couple of days ago, I sat on the couch attempting to work my way through my reader which has accumulated thousands of entries and I thought to myself that all that I do has become a chore. Get up, do this, do that, go to the bus stop, go to preschool, go to the grocery store, cook, cook some more, clean this, organize that, declutter here. UGH, so BORING! I don’t want to be boring anymore!

But how, how can I make room for wonderful interesting things without sacrificing the things that I’m already doing that are important? It takes me sometimes an hour and a half to make dinner because preparing good food is important to me. I’m not saying I do that every night, heck a cheesy take out pizza happens at least twice a month ’round here! But for the most part, I like cooking for my family and not just because it’s healthy but because I actually like to cook!

I’ve started doing twenty minutes of ‘workbook’ time with each of the kids as well. I’ve heard a couple of stories from some other parents about kids loosing abilities once entering kindergarten so I give each of my kids twenty minutes to do something educational. Cake usually chooses to do an actual workbook, or to do flash cards. We’re currently working our way through analog clocks and simple subtraction. Nay, on the otherhand usually chooses something like puzzles, or question cards. When Cake was little it was easy for me to see that she had an easy time with sequences and patterns, I haven’t quite figured out Nay’s strength yet but he’s only just three and I have a whole year with him before I send him off to kindergarten. I’ve been preparing a little lesson about the human body for Cake and I think I’ll do something about art or music for Nay. This time, is quite possibly the most important during my day. It’s very, very rare that I don’t make this the number one priority of the afternoon. Twenty minutes is the perfect amount of time too, long enough to make some progress but short enough that little attention spans can handle it.

Today was an interesting day for me though, I woke up in the morning to many facebook comments telling me to hang in there, or that everything would work itself out. But, I’m not a wait and see person; I knew that if change was going to happen then I would have to make it happen. I paid close attention to my time today, trying to figure out where I was losing minutes. The bus stop is one of them, I can honestly say that it’s a lot faster for me to drop off Cake in the morning than it is to wait at the corner for sometimes twenty minutes. She enjoys the bus so I think I’ll keep letting her take it until the snow falls, then it’s a whole new ball game.

I wanted to make sure that today I made the time to look at my blog. I’m running out of space on it, so I knew I had to go out and delete some posts to make room for new ones. I deleted a few, not enough to make a significant difference though. I just feel so attached to my words, it was hard to let them go. This will be a work in progress, much like life I suppose.

To those of you who have stuck around, I thank you. And to those of you who have left me messages wondering when I’m coming back, I thank you for your patience. My pent up writing energy has needed an outlet for far too long, and as I said my little journal here in the cupboard is getting sappier by the day!


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  1. October 12, 2011 8:32 am

    The time you spend with your family is the most important time your will ever spend in your life. Taking *me time* is always important too and you have to continue to do that sometime in your day or evening. Finding more time for either can be challenging but perhaps you can steal some away from your meal prep. There are countless meals, good nutritious and budget conscious meals you can prepare for your family that take a lot less than 90 minutes to prepare. I don’t know if you have a lot of cookbooks or if you follow foodie bloggers but both offer tons of recipes that cut both time and money without sacrificing taste. Just a suggestion to help you.
    As for being boring…you are not. School, haircuts, potty training, travelling husband, your hopes and dreams, etc., this is your life right now. Get lost in it, savor it and write about it.

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