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Universe, Thanks

October 14, 2011

So with my new found resolve in my back pocket for one whole day, the universe decided to test me. Thanks, how awesome of you. Wednesday, after dropping off my kidlets at their respective schools I headed home with my plan in mind: walk the dog, clean the kitchen, sew bibs for craft fair, marvel at my awesomeness, go and pick up kids from school. Plan right, it’s nice no? Yep, I thought so too. So I get home retrieve Pawter’s leash, grab a couple of bags, and in the excitement of the impending walk Pawter got his paw tangled in his leash. I knelt down to save him from the octopus like tentacles of the retracting leash and barely graze his paw and he cries out in pain. ‘Oh NO!’ I whine outloud to him. His paw is not a happy paw. Over the last two and a half years I estimate we have spent $800-$900 on this paw, or more specifically his outside toe. The last time was in August and I had a terrible time dealing with my vet office, they were unfriendly, un-accomodating, and generally not compaissonate to the pain my dog was suffering. It was after that debacle that I decided that the next time he needed care we’d try a new vet our neighbour recommended.

I called the new vet minutes after I discovered that his toe was starting to swell, much to his unhappiness because you see even faced with pain in every step a morning walk is still the epitome of awesome when you’re a dog. So, the vet office told me to come right in and they would take a look. They were so nice and so friendly and had an idea of what might be the problem almost immediately. They asked me if the other vets had every suggested a number of things to me, they hadn’t. They told me that Pawter needed x-rays and some tests and would likely be headed towards a humane de-clawing. Ummmm you can de-claw a dog?!?! So at this very moment he is at the vet clinic, hopefully not in any pain, getting some attention while I wait at home trying not to eat away my impatience.

It’s no secret that I’m HORRIBLE at being patient. So despite the fact that I woke up almost every hour last night worried that I had slept in past my alarm I’m still trying to have a productive day…just a rather caffeinated one.

At least Cake is home from school now, she can keep Nay distracted.


Update:  Just heard from my vet and she says the P3 bone is completely rotten and should have had surgery years ago.  Pawter is heading into surgery Friday morning.

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  1. October 14, 2011 9:32 am

    For Pawter’s sake, it is a good thing that you decided to go to a different vet. Hope that all goes well this morning with his surgery.

    Keep the resolve in your back pocket, tomorrow is another day to start anew.

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