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Family Motto

October 19, 2011

Last week, S. Geek was in a seminar for work and while I have vague recollections of such things from my own working days I saw that he got some good learning experiences under his belt and maybe a ‘breakthrough’ or two.  One of the things he came home with was the idea of a motto, which in turn of course led me to think about having a family motto of our own.  Maybe more to do with S. Geek and I rather than for the kids at this point but it’s had me thinking about it a lot.  Of course that’s in between the thinking about Hallowee’en and Christmas and house stuff and of course my poor little pup Pawter.


Speaking of Pawter, if you’ll allow me to go off on a brief tangent.  His surgery went rather well, he’s had his first check but I’m a huge wuss and had to step out of the exam room while the vet changed his bandages.  I’m still very happy with my vet change, and many people have suggested that I give a good piece of my mind to the old vet I just don’t see the point.  It’s not going to change anything, so I’m just leaving them and bringing my business elsewhere.  This new practice seems very caring and compassionate and they are very flexible about scheduling which was one of my pet peeves about my previous clinic.  Pawter has been actually quite happy even, we have to keep him on the leash when we walk and he’s been trying to chase the kids home after bus drop off and gives me quite the look when I won’t let him run.  He’s also tried several times to run up our wood staircase, we’ve actually had to put up a baby gate to keep him from running up the stairs whenever he wanted to.  We go back for another check on his stitches on Thursday, I’m still probably going to wait outside…because seriously…ew.


I’ve been trying quite hard to utilize my time better the past week and I have to say that I’m finding some success.  I’m not feeling nearly as harried as I had been previously but now I’m getting worn out far earlier in the day.  The last few nights I’ve really had to push myself not to quit exercising after forty minutes and go the full hour.  Mostly my motivation has been that I know I’ve eaten a few of those damn mini Halloween chocolates and the scale won’t be very forgiving in the morning if I don’t finish my workout.  Luckily a large chunk of my household work is about to come to a close.  Outdoor crap is almost done!  I’ve cleaned out my vegetable garden, save for celery and rosemary; which are both so hardy right now I am going to try and transplant them indoors to see if I can use them up a bit longer.  The rosemary had a rather slow start but it’s really coming in now, and rosemary is one of S. Geek’s favourite flavours so it would be great if it would keep going all winter!


I also finished a HUGE photo project today that has taken me a very very very long time to do.  I can’t really share what it is because it’s a gift but the fact that it’s done is so good for me.  I love photography, love it.  Editing?  Yeah, not so much.  I learned on film back before digital editing was done and, man oh man, what I wouldn’t give to go back!  It’s not ever going to happen, this I know, but I’m still resisting this whole digital wave a bit.  Did you hear that?  I think that was S. Geek’s heart dropping to the floor a little bit.  He loves technology, I just got a new iphone and he’s asked me about twenty times if I was happy with my new phone…uhhh yeah, it’s awesome?  I don’t know what to say, I guess I’m a little to analog for him sometimes.  Hmmm…motto…some kind of play on analog and digital?  I’m going to get back to that when I’m on a fresh caffeine high.


I have grand idea’s of cross stitching a geeky family motto…of course, then I’d need to learn to cross stitch…I think you know where I’m going with this.


My handsome little boy has been learning to peddle a bike properly recently.  He’s always been a shuffler, but I was hoping to get him a bike for next summer so we need to practice.  S. Geek told him that everything you do is practice until you don’t need to do it anymore.  Hopefully before the snow falls we’ll get some good momentum and be able to make it down our street. I need to be more patient when I’m teaching him, if I was teaching me I wouldn’t like me.

Cake is excelling in dance class, she is in with 3 and 4 year olds and is quite a bit more physically advanced than anyone else.  In the winter she’ll be in with the 5 and 6 year olds and I think she’s really going to miss her little friends.  She loves running around and following her teacher, not always gracefully but always dutifully.  I think dance is something we’ll continue with her, despite her strabismus her balance and hand-eye co-ordination seem quite good.

I have quite a bit to share about our at home learning but I want a clear head when I write about it since I’ve got two quite different programs for each of the kids going.  I’m feeling very happy with the results though, and as I’ve mentioned before it really is quite important to me.

Hope you’re all having an awesome week!



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  1. October 19, 2011 10:40 pm

    Glad Pawter is on the mend and that you are happy with the new vet. Kids look great (so cute) and I’m happy to hear that you seem to be feeling better about everything. Great update.

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