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Wordless Wednesday – Bubbles and Chalk

August 31, 2011

Just a snapshot from my week that brings a smile to my face.





August 30, 2011

Pawter stressing after seeing the suitcases come out for one of S. Geek's trips

Strangely my son and my dog share a birthday.  Pawter of course is several years older and will be turned 7 on Sunday while Nay is just three.  Pawter is a Pembroke welsh corgi, he is adorable and aside from when he is depressed about S. Geek leaving he always has a smile on his happy little face.

Pawter loves people and is super friendly, though very protective of the kids.  He loves to be outdoors, though he’s not much of a walk lover.  He prefers the cold weather to the hot and will often choose to bury himself in the snow when laying outside in the wintertime.  His favourite spot to ‘hang’ is underneath our kitchen window in a little cove, one day when I have spare time I’m going to make a sign to hang up above it.

Pawter loves getting brushed but hates getting his teeth brushed.  He barks at everything that passes by our front door, even if it’s not alive.  He barks at you when you sneeze, I’ve no idea why.  He loves to eat, he has been known to open the bottom door to our composter and eat out the soil.  This was very gross, again I’ve no idea why.  His favourite people food is banana’s which he gets pretty much every morning.

Pawter sleeps in my bedroom with me every night, but because of his short legs he can’t climb on or off the bed so we have a pet murphy bed for him in our bedroom.  He is still getting used to having kids in the house, Cake and Nay try to play with him sometimes and he’s still unsure.

Sometimes I think he will drive me crazy but he really is a wonderful dog.  He is happy and friendly and is very well behaved aside from the barking of course. I love his crazy radar ears and his short stubby little paws.  I love the colour of his coat and how it’s water resistant.  I’m trying not to think about the fact that as a dog with a lifespan much much shorter than that of a humans he is now entering the last half of his life.  I feel guilt for not being more attentive to him during the early child years, and also for not walking him as much as I should.  He has had weight issues and I know that if I don’t get them under control he will be having hip problems so that has been weighing on me quite heavily.  He deserves to live a happy healthy life, and I think for the most part he does.  I’m not really sure where I’m going with all of this, only to say that I’ve been really evaluating my status as a dog owner and I think there is room for improvement.  Challenge Accepted.

Happy birthday Pawter!!  This year will be the best one yet, I know it!




August 29, 2011

This boy:

He is three.  He eats with utensils, he pees in a toilet most of the time oh god I hope that the preschool teachers won’t mind that he’s not completely potty trained.  He makes car noises when he plays with hot wheels.  He likes Lightning McQueen but the Cars movie scares him. Nay is Three.

I asked him today if now that he was three does that mean that the ‘terrible two’s’ are over.  He said no, now it’s the terrible threes.  I couldn’t help but laugh at his honesty.  This is my boy.

He likes peanut butter sandwiches with honey, and pasta with my homemade sauce and LOTS of shaved (not grated) Parmesan cheese.  I’m trying to think of foods he dislikes but can’t really think of one since he’s really easy going when it comes to food.  In other words he is the complete opposite of Cake. Oh, well actually he really likes frosting but never eats the cake so there you go.

Here, he is about 7 months old.  So, yeah he’s always had those eyes.  Strangers and friends alike always comment on his eyes they are so blue they are hard to miss.   I miss that baby.  He had lots of chins.  Now my ‘baby’ is 35 lbs and 40″ tall and growing every day.  He sometimes lets me cuddle him, but then again Cake was the cuddly one not Nay.  Nay likes his space, he is like me.

Another blue eye picture, he’s got no hair here so it’s from when he was a baby but I can’t be sure exactly how old he was.

I’m getting a little teary.  Maybe it’s because I have no more babies, maybe it’s because Cake’s first day of school is looming.  Oh, hell I have to go find some kleenex.

Also, Nay always wears his ball caps crooked on purpose.  If I try to straighten is, he just pushes it off to the side again.  It’s pretty frackin’ cute right now but I have the feeling if he’s doing it when he is 15 whilst wearing baggy pants then I won’t find it quite so adorable.  But, let’s not talk about him being fifteen yet, I need to adjust to having a three year old first.

I’d love to show more pictures from his party however I failed to actually ask any of the other parents if they minded me posting pics of their kids online so you’ll just have to use your imagination.



Need Time?

August 25, 2011

I’ve finally figured it out.  The whole time to blog thing I’ve been struggling with for the last four months, yep totally got it covered.  Here is a step by step guide so that if you have something you need to make time for you can do it too:

Step 1:  Have your kids wake up two hours early and make them not want to watch t.v. while you try to catch some extra z’s.

Step 2:  Have your scheduled 9am coffee at 7am instead because you’re up two hours early.

Step 3:  Have your scheduled 1pm coffee at 11am because everything is two damn hours early today.

Step 4:  Have your kids who woke up early start to get really cranky around 3pm so that you have another coffee so that you can make it through until dinner time without fed ex’ing one or two of them away.

Step 5:  Have another cup of coffee at 5pm because you’ve got delicious iced coffee in the fridge and the cup is smaller anyway so it doesn’t really count.  Ignore the fact that you never have caffeine after 3pm because it keeps you up all night.

Step 6:  Wait until 7pm and decide that now is the perfect time to bake chocolate scones that your SIL has been asking you to make for a few weeks.

Step 7:  At 9:30pm after the chocolate scones have cooled and you’ve glazed them with more dark chocolate eat one.  For SCIENCE!

Step 8:  You now have so much damn caffeine in your system that you’re making a billion spelling mistakes in your blog post because your hands are shaking so much.  You now have eight extra hours to write the next months worth of blog posts!!!!  Look at all the exclamation points!!!!(!!!)

The End.

No, not really!  As if I wouldn’t share the totally amazing chocolate scones I just ate made.

You will need:

1 1/2 c. flour

1/2 c. Dutch process cocoa (why Dutch?  Because if you ain’t Dutch, you ain’t much!)  (See how funny I am while I’m artificially awake)

1/3 c. sugar

1 Tblsp baking powder

1/2 tsp. salt

1 1/4 c cream

Oh, ps this is adapted from the Cream Scone recipe in The New York Times Cookbook.  I think I may have mentioned it once or twice.

Sooooooo, yeah (My drunk kitchen anyone?)  (If you click this link be prepared to laugh your ASS off, she’s one of my favourite persons from teh internets)

S. Geek is likely reading this from his hotel room in whatever city he’s in right now…Denver?  Anyway, he’s probably thinking I’ve completely lost it.  Soon honey, SOON.

My pictures are WAY ahead of what I’m telling you to do fyi, so please bear with me.

Sift all the dry ingredients together, make a well.  Pour that delicious cream right in the well and then grab a fork and quickly stir it all up.  It will look like my first picture.  If it doesn’t then add a tablespoon more cream and stir again.  Do. Not. Overmix.

If you have a wicked scone pan like mine, use it.  If not, then just go ahead and dump 8-12 blobs on an ungreased cookie sheet and bake in a preheated 350 convection oven for 10 minutes.  When you tap them, they’ll sound hollow when they are done.

Place on a rack to cool completely.  When they are cool, melt some dark chocolate in a saucepan.  Do it slowly so you don’t burn the chocolate.  I always cook chocolate on low, it takes a bit but burnt chocolate = ew for all the senses.

Once the chocolate is completely melted, let it cool for a minute and then drizzle on top of the scones.

Wait 0.34 milliseconds for the chocolate too cool and then eat the broken one.  For Science.

So now you know, to find time to blog who am I kidding I’m totally going to spend the next four hours reading Reddit fill yourself with coffee and chocolate.  Tomorrow is going to be awesome.



Wordless Wednesday – Storyland, Renfrew Ontario

August 24, 2011

Just a snapshot from my week that brings a smile to my face.

I will be posting a follow up on our Storyland visit but I just HAD to share some of these pictures and let them speak for themselves.

Hey now, I thought this was a family friendly place!

My son did not walk, he RAN away from this guy.


what...what is that guy on the left looking he looking at me?


Cake met Cinderella and Snow White


One more creepy creepy picture for good measure.


I’ll save the rest of the cute pictures for another day.




Happy Anniversary to Me! I mean US!

August 23, 2011

Last year I reflected on my marriage to S. Geek in THIS post.  And, as I ring in our eighth year of marriage I’m happy to say that we are still as happy and successful as we were on this day last year.  I’m proud to say this because it’s been an interesting year for us.  S. Geek has continued his crazy traveling schedule and with our kids getting older they are having more and more demands and though I enjoy them thoroughly I sometimes wish that I could just hand them off and go take a nap.

I had mentioned last year that during our honeymoon we had chosen three things that annoyed us about the other person and just got over it.  Well honey, my anniversary present to you this year will be that I’m going to choose something new that annoys me and get over it.  It is this:  You leave your shoes in front of the door every time you come home.  Without fail.  Every time.  I have tried moving the shoe racks, I have tried asking you what I can do to make it easier for you; all of this to no avail.  So my wonderful husband, happy anniversary I’m not going to fume at you for leaving your shoes in front of the door anymore.  I’m simply going to pick them up and put them away for you.  I hear that the traditional gift for the eighth is bronze but rather than bronze your shoes I thought this would be better.

For me?  I like diamonds.

Love you and miss you.



Wordless Wednesday – Jump!

August 17, 2011

Just a snapshot from my week that brings a smile to my face.